Nurse Executive’s Coaching Manual

book coverThe Nurse Executive’s Coaching Manual is the only book on coaching specifically written for nurse leaders. Written by experienced executive coaches—both of whom are nurses—this book provides nurse leaders with an overview of the coaching approach, 8 essential competencies, I-COACH™ model, tools, and resources.

The Nurse Executive’s Coaching Manual, was recognized with an American Journal of Nursing2010 Book of the Year Award (leadership/management category).

Coaching is a learning and development strategy that provides the leader with the tools necessary to:

  • Enhance individual, team and organizational performance
  • Support succession planning
  • Assist leaders in making successful transitions and adapting to change
  • Grow and sustain healthy work environments

This book will inspire leaders to enrich their personal and professional legacy through coaching others. At the same time, it will assist aspiring nurse leaders to learn how to use the coaching approach.

Practical help at precisely the right time


Joanne Disch… a practical and provocative resource for helping nurse executives, and actually other leaders, create supportive coaching environments in which employees can improve their performance.

Joanne Disch, PhD, RN, FAAN
Professor & Director
Katherine J. Densford International Center for Nursing Leadership, University of Minnesota School of Nursing

Kathleen SanfordThe authors combine practical examples of when and how coaching is appropriate, with thoughtful references to resources. Their specific questions for various scenarios provide the framework for personal coaching toolkits. Especially helpful are the self-learning sections labeled “Try it Yourself.” … is a book to read and then keep on your bookshelf as a reference whenever coaching is appropriate.

Kathleen D. Sanford, DBA, RN, CENP, FACHE
Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer
Catholic Health Initiatives 

Ruth HanstenFor leaders embarking on the journey to elevate professional practice to world class levels, the comprehensive travel guide has arrived! The Nurse Executive’s Coaching Manual is an essential read for honing the most important tools for healing…ourselves, and our conversations with each other and those we serve. This handbook’s encouraging narrative and conversational tone inspires belief in the reader’s abilities to ask the difficult questions that will lead to growth.  Kimberly McNally and Liz Cunningham incorporate the theories and themes of great thinkers into step by step, simple approaches and tools for coaching.  Emerging with new skills and sample questions, we can learn from these expert coaches field experiences and even begin to reconnect with ourselves.  We predict that this manual and the I-COACH Model will become the key encyclopedia and guide for nurses whose passion is improving healthcare for our communities!

Ruth Hansten, RN, PhD, FACHE
Hansten Healthcare

Additional Praise

The Nurse Executive’s Coaching Manual by Kimberly McNally and Liz Cunningham is an easy to use reference manual to enhance one’s coaching skills including theory, practical examples, quotes, case studies, tools and references. The book’s outline format allows for quickly locating information the reader may be searching for, but also holds one’s interest if reading from cover to cover. This manual is a must for anyone considering a certification exam in executive nursing practice.

Pat Conway-Morana, BSN, MAd, NEA-BC, CENP, CPHQ, FACHE
Chief Nurse Executive
Inova Fairfax Hospital

All nurse executives recognize coaching as being of paramount importance in the development of a high-functioning team. This book provides the techniques and methods to incorporate effective, results-driven coaching into any nurse executive’s day-to-day routine and leadership style.  It is a practical and straightforward manual in the “how to” of coaching for any caring yet time-constrained nurse executive who wants effective practices to help his/her team reach their full potential; as individuals and as a team. 

Amanda Stefancyk, RN, MSN, MBA, CNML
Nursing Director – White 10
Massachusetts General Hospital

The Nurse Executive’s Coaching Manual helps fill in the knowledge gaps for those who take on one of the most complex jobs in healthcare– developing and sustaining an engaged nursing workforce. The work is designed to assist nurse leaders to develop real fundamental coaching skills and competencies necessary to succeed in an ever-changing healthcare environment. I recommend this book for both new and experienced nurse leaders.

Linda Q. Everett, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN
Executive Vice President, Chief Nurse Executive
Clarian Health Partners

This is an exceptional coaching manual. It is written in such a way as to benefit both the coach and the coachee. Executive coaching has become vogue over the last 10 years but the outcomes, reasons, and delivery of executive coaching continue to be vague and poorly articulated.  This book is easy to read, written in an interesting style, very informative and educational, and packed with insight and tools for both the whys and hows of coaching. This book should be used in academia for leadership courses and in health-care settings for leadership development.

Jolene Tornabeni, FACHE, FAAN
Managing Partner
Quick Leonard Kieffer, International

This is a terrific book for nurse executives, consultants, organizational development professionals and healthcare leaders at all levels. It is a well written and thorough resource that skillfully combines organizational and systems theory with practical guidance. The book provides extremely useful tips, assessments, exercises, role playing scenarios, self analysis and case studies. It is well organized to serve as a how-to guide for the busy executive.

Coaching staff is a critical skill for nursing leaders. This book provides clear guidance to bridge the gap between having a general understanding of the process and acquiring the competencies to actually become an effective coach. They discuss the importance of an outcomes focused approach so that executives (as a coach) can establish constructive rapport, develop an effective plan with their staff and most of all, achieve bottom-line results.

Based on their wealth of real world healthcare experience, the authors methodically explain their simple and versatile 6-part I-COACH model. This model  strengthens the executive’s ability to develop team members through both every day, in-the-moment coaching and planned coaching conversations. One of the most valuable aspects of this resource is the careful attention they pay to self assessment, role playing and analyzing your personal leadership style to lay the foundation for continuous improvement as an executive and a coach.

This is a must read for any nurse executive, both senior and mid career.

Linda Reeder, RN, MBA
Envision Consulting

If the essence of leadership is the art of influencing others, this book, with its practical information, should be required reading for any leader or aspiring leader. It shares a  wealth of current, practical information and offers a wonderful synthesis of knowledge from a wide variety of fields including, but not limited to, neurobiology, positive psychology, and organizational development. An eminently readable book with an enticing format, it uses quotes, stories, scenarios, and real-life examples to illustrate its points. It’s full of practical tips and ideas and includes “try it yourself” activities that are relevant and will stimulate a reader’s personal insights and learning.

  • Has an appealing format, with short chapters, lots of white space, and text boxes that make it easy to read
  • Synthesizes material from different fields and presents it clearly and concisely
  • Targets a wider audience than just nurse executives and has a wider scope than just coaching

Jo Manion, PhD, RN
Manion & Associates