Great Boards Newsletter - Summer 2016

Nurses in the Boardroom by Kimberly McNally, Great Boards Newsletter, Summer 2016

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Interviewed for articles in a variety of publications, including:

  • Hospitals & Health Networks – Governance at a Crossroads:  Trustees’ roles in the future of health care, (Oct. 11, 2010)
  • Trustee:  The Magazine for Healthcare Governance – The New Pace of Strategic Planning (September 2009), Making the Community Connection (May 2009), Coaching From Experience (April 2010)
  • Nurseweek/Nurse Spectrum – Boardrooms Awakening to Advantage of Nursing Perspective (June 15, 2009)
  • The Magazine of Saint Anselm College – Portraits of Leadership (Spring 2005)
  • Healthcare Leadership Report That Trustee RN: As Boards Diversify, Nurses Gradually Play an Bigger Role in Healthcare Governance (May 2004)