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Are you looking to build a leadership team prepared for the future?  Health system leaders are rapidly redesigning their organizations to deliver higher value.  As the health business model evolves, leaders need new ways of thinking and interacting across traditional boundaries.  Governing boards, executive and clinical leaders are required to embrace complexity, foster innovation, ensure optimal performance, cultivate new partnerships, communicate with impact, and deepen engagement with multiple stakeholders.

Our mission is to improve health care one conversation at a time
. . . from the point-of-care to the boardroom.

We guide leaders to develop essential leadership competencies such as change management, strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, and coaching and developing others, so they can cultivate trusting relationships with others, lead through uncertainty and change, and reach beyond their limits to attain excellence.  We coach leaders to dissect issues, recognize blind spots, and accomplish more.  Using an integral, holistic coaching approach, we support leaders to develop leadership presence, improve well-being and resilience. As a result, they can step up to more advanced roles within their organization, navigate transitions and guide the transformation of health care across their system and community.

We focus boards, executive leaders and teams forward for accountability, action, and results.  We have an innate ability to bridge disparate groups and generate consensus, trust and positive morale, resulting in engagement and alignment with the organizational mission.

About Kimberly McNally
Kimberly McNally, MN, RN, BCC, is an executive coach, consultant and published author based in Seattle, WA  Continue…


Governance and Team Facilitation
Ideal for executives and community leaders who want to define their vision, values and commitments for action. Continue…

executive coaching

Executive Coaching
“Just-in-time” leadership  development that assists leaders with the complex and changing world of health care. Continue…

Our services can assist you to become a workplace of choice where leaders create an environment to enable team members to do their best work.  Coaching leaders through a formalized program will help you prepare for the ANCC Magnet® Recognition Program and Malcolm Baldridge Quality Application.