Executive, Leadership & Team Coaching

Do you want to:

  • Establish your credibility and accelerate your success in a new position?
  • Develop your leadership presence to prepare for a promotion?
  • Get feedback to fine-tune your communication style?
  • Navigate the transition from a mid-management or clinical role to an executive role?
  • Explore your values, aspirations, goals and commitments?
  • Create a positive organization culture, reduce conflict, and improve team alignment?
  • Build your leadership pipeline and succession plan by preparing high-potential leaders?
  • Provide coaching to a team/group as a way to increase the transfer of training and impact of team-building interventions?
  • Create and sustain a coaching culture in your organization?


We serve as strategic-thinking partners and confidential advisors in your professional development.  Here are some typical coaching outcomes our clients seek to achieve:

  • Cultivate Authentic Leadership Presence: Show up in a way that is aligned with your personal values and inspires others to take effective action.
  • Refine Communication Skills: Understand and use the power of language to create the conditions and results you want.
  • Develop Organizational Awareness: Discern how decisions are made and how things get done in your organization’s culture so you can collaborate and influence with integrity and precision.
  • Foster Emotional Intelligence: Sharpen your discernment and develop self-awareness, empathy and self-management to improve decision-making and build relationships.
  • Improve Well-Being and Resilience: Develop a work/life integration plan that is aligned with your personal values and commitments.


Contact us to discuss your specific needs and goals.