Governance and Team Facilitation

Do you want to:

  • Design a Board Retreat to engage trustees to plan for the future?
  • Align your Senior Leadership Team around vision, values and rules of engagement to take on new challenges?
  • Convene Physician-Nurse-Administrator Dialogues to build trust and teamwork?
  • Get support through facilitated meetings to realign services and build new partnerships?
  • Launch your initiative with a memorable team-building event?

We provide skillful facilitation for retreats, meetings, team-building activities and other key events. Whether you want to sponsor a strategic planning retreat for your board, help a stalled cross-functional team move forward, conduct focus groups, or launch a new initiative, we can assist you to hold an effective and memorable event.

As “insiders” with deep experience in health care, we know the cultural and industry issues.  And, we speak the clinical and management language of healthcare… from the point-of-care to the boardroom.


We start by clarifying goals for collective leadership effectiveness and business performance improvement.  Then, we conduct an assessment to identify strengths and gaps, and priorities for development.  We partner with your organization’s leaders to carefully plan and design an agenda that meets the desired outcomes. Through artful design, we help organizations balance their focus on vision and values… with group dynamics and team-development… and with competitive strategy, clear deliverables, and effective implementation.

During team sessions, we facilitate groups and teams to see situations in new ways, translate learning into concrete action steps and cultivate trust for deepening relationships. Our ability to facilitate dialogue, surface difficult issues and promote open communication leads to powerful results.

We use The Leadership Culture Survey™ to assess your organization’s leadership culture. The survey reveals how team members view their current leadership culture, and compare that reality to the optimal culture they envision. The gap between the current and optimal scenarios instantly reveals key opportunities for leadership development and a compelling rationale for change. A comprehensive summary of results is presented and interpreted with your team in a debrief meeting that can be a stand-alone offering or incorporated into a retreat.


Our customized governance coaching and facilitation services are designed to assist a Board to achieve specific goals at a particular time in its governance journey. We take a coaching approach as we guide the organization through what can be challenging governance issues. We challenge a Board to use its collective strengths to think expansively and clearly about the organization’s future. We ask probing questions and use engaging activities to bring the Board’s best ideas to the surface.

We help CEO & Board Chair partners to develop agreements to coordinate action, communicate effectively and collaborate. We share ways to set the stage for a strong relationship and facilitate a powerful agenda to bring the board together with common objectives.

Based on three decades of experience serving on non-profit and association boards, Kimberly McNally provides boards and executive leaders with practical tips and insights to govern their organizations effectively. Although oversight, compliance, policy and procedures are important, ultimately a board’s effectiveness stems from the culture it creates and the conversations it convenes to fulfill the organization’s mission.


  • Board retreat design and facilitation
  • Governance Assessment, Debriefing and Enhancement Planning
  • Governance Coaching for Board Chair and CEO to maximize partnership
  • Board Chair and CEO Performance Evaluation processes
  • Customized training to optimize performance of board members (roles, responsibilities, competencies, effective meetings, structuring the high performance board with best practices)
  • On boarding programs for new trustees
  • Board and CEO succession planning and transition management
  • Facilitation to resolve conflicts