Leadership Skills

Kimberly has an uncanny knack for targeting areas for growth, even those that may not be obvious to the client. She takes the time to discover key issues and work with the client to develop skills that will spearhead growth and development. Kimberly’s use of diagnostics, combined with a firm, yet honest touch, provide client’s with the tools needed to truly see themselves and find ways to be “the best they can be”. During my 6 months working with Kimberly I learned not only how to be a better leader, but also a better mentor. The safe space she created provided a priceless opportunity to look at all the possibilities for the future. Under her guidance and expertise I was able to develop new skills and insights that will enable me to continue growing not just in my career, but personally as well.

Bonnie ThompsonSenior Operations PartnerProvidence Health & Services
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