Executive Coaching Investment

It was a profound experience to have been coached by Kimberly McNally.  She has the ability to inspire you to make the changes in your life to be the best you. She was exceptionally proficient in coaching me to be able to increase my self-awareness and self knowledge which enabled me to fast track my executive development. Kimberly’s coaching style has helped me to have broader perspective of understanding the problems and the unpredictable challenges as an executive. She has guided me in identifying the sustainable practices I need in my life and workplace to ensure long-term success. She taught me how to be unstuck from the dilemmas of the daily work and transfer the results for the organization. Kimberly has inspired me to make the behavioral changes needed to transform myself to increase the results and performance of myself, staff and organization. Kimberly is an amazing coach and being coached by her is a great investment.

Anne Blunden, PhD, RNExecutive Director of NursingKing Abdullah Bin Adbulaziz University Hospital
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